Crew 60 - D.H. Laver, Wireless Operator and Air Gunner

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D.H. Laver, Wireless Operator and Air Gunner

Douglas Henry Laver - A.2877 - was born on the 21st of September 1917 to Mr Archibald Frederick and Maria Laver nee Saunders. He served four years of a printer's apprenticeship with Sands & McDougall of Melbourne but resigned before completing the apprenticeship in order to enlist.

Doug played as a defender for the Victorian Football Association (VFA) Club of Sandringham (Zebras). At that time the premier league for Australia was the Victorian Football League (VFL) and the VFA was one rung below. It was also the breeding and training ground for VFL players. He was granted leave from the RAAF in 1946 to play in the VFA's grand final of that year which was won by Sandringham.

He played at least one match with the VFL Fitzroy team in 1942.

Doug Laver is far left middle row.


Douglas Laver, aged 19½ years of age, enlisted with the RAAF Permanent Forces on 10th May 1937 at Laverton for a period of service of 6 years. By 1st January 1940, he was a (temporary) corporal.

From his service record.
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