Scrapbook of Johnstone Bryson Anderson and Rosetta Jacobs (and Wilhelmina McGhee)

Johnstone Anderson, an Irish Protestant, married Rosetta Jacobs, a London-born Jewess in Sydney, Australia. They had four children together but at some stage separated.

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This is a time-line showing the interweaving of events affecting the lives of Johnstone Bryson Anderson, Rosetta Anderson and Wilhelmina McGhee - as far as it has been recorded.

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Cast of Characters

Leah Jacobs nee Levy


Death of Leah Jacobs, Rosetta's mother. Leah was 57 years of age and Rosetta was 17 at the time. The informant was Rosetta's older brother, Samuel (23).

Samuel was married about three weeks earlier on 7/3/1887 to Adelaide Clark.

Johnstone Anderson

Journey to Australia

Arrived in Sydney, Australia on board the Nurnberg. (
Rosetta Jacobs

Johnstone Anderson


Rosetta Jacobs (21) born in Sydney, married Johnstone Bryson Anderson (22). The ceremony was performed at the District Registrar's Office, Glebe. Both were living in Grose (?) Street, Glebe at the time.

As Rosetta was born 6/5/1871, she would have just turned 20 in 1890. The legal age for marriage was 21 and she would have required parental permission for the marriage to occur but it would appear that she gave her age as being a year older, possibly to avoid this. Also, that it was performed in a registry that perhaps her parents didn't approve.

Johnstone's occupation is given as Time Keeper and Rosetta's as Living Privately.

Rosetta's oldest sister, Adelaide Joel is a witness - along with a James Molloy.

Johnstone's parents are given as Mary Bryson and Samuel Anderson and his occupation is a Inspector of Police.

1903 - 1904
Johnstone Anderson

Electoral Roll

Anderson appears on the roll as living at 2 Church Street, Paddington and his occupation as insurance agent.

There is no entry in that particular roll for either Rosetta Anderson or Wilhelmina McGhee.

Johnstone Anderson

Estimated Arrival in Scarborough

Based on the evidence given at his trial in 1919 that the local police sergeant had known him in the area for around 14 years.
Johnstone Anderson

Scarborough Progress Association

A progress association has been formed at Scarborough and Mr. J. B. Anderson was elected to the committee.
Leah Eleanor Anderson


Leah (17) married John Arthur MacKay (26) at St. Clements Church, Mosman. Church of England. Consent was provided by Rosetta Anderson for the marriage because of her age. (Leah, at that time, was the eldest of the four daughters.)

Johnstone Anderson's occupation was given as 'Bus Driver'.

It would appear that he had already established himself in Scarborough at this time.

Rosetta Anderson

Grocer in Sydney

According to the 1910 Sands Street Index, Mrs Rosetta Anderson is living at 28 Kippax Sydney (Surrey Hills) and is a grocer.
Johnstone Anderson

W. Londrigan

Funding for Ambulance Brigade

A collection was made at the entertainment in aid of the local Ambulance Brigade. Messrs. J. B. Anderson and W. Londrigan are striving hard to further the interests of the brigade in every direction.
Joseph Aloysius Ratcliffe

Shunter at Scarborough

Date is an estimate. Retirement notice of 19/9/1950 indicated that Joe joined the NSW Railway Service in 1910 as a porter in metro area and was later a shunter at Scarborough and Sydney.

(Married Gladys Anderson on 6/4/1912 at Emmanuel Church, Clifton. Both were living at Clifton at the time of the marriage.)

Johnstone Anderson's occupation is given as Hotel Manager.

Wilhelmina McGhee appears on the wedding certificate in place of Rosetta Anderson.

Johnstone Anderson

Clifton School of Arts

The annual meeting was held and Mr. J. B. Anderson was elected to the committee.
Johnstone Anderson

Clifton Band

£25 was voted from public funds towards the purchase of instruments to the amount of £58. Messrs. R. W. Yates and J. B. Anderson were appointed trustees.

The band had secured an engagement to play in the Sydney Eight Hour procession, and in order to be up-to-date, each member has purchased a uniform for himself, consisting of blue trousers, white coat and blue cap.

Johnstone Anderson

Fire at Boarding Establishment

"About 11 o'clock on Saturday night a fire broke out at Mr. J. B. Anderson's boarding establishment (the old Clifton Hotel), as a result of a lighted candle coming in contact with the window curtains. It appears a boarder had left the candle for a few minutes while he went to get something from the kitchen and the wind did the rest.

People standing on the roadway noticed flames running up one of the side windows, and at once gave the alarm. Mr. Geo. Campbell, who happened to be in the vicinity, promptly took action, and, vaulting the fence, kicked the window in and tore down the burning curtains. The ceiling was slightly scorched and the curtains ruined, but had it not been for the prompt action of Mr. Campbell, much more serious consequences must have resulted, as the building is of weatherboard and has done many years' service.

Gladys Anderson


Gladys Anderson (17 years) married Joseph Ratcliffe (21) at Emmanuel Church, Clifton.

Consent for the marriage, due to Gladys being under age, was provided by Johnstone Anderson.

The parents of Gladys are erroneously given as Johnston Anderson and Wilhelmina McGhee and his occupation is Hotel Manager.

Joseph was born in Leichhardt and Gladys in Annandale but both were living in Clifton at the time of the marriage. Joseph was stationed there with the railways - possibly as a shunter at this time - he was later promoted to guard.

Johnstone Anderson

Appointed Post Master

Mr. W. Wright who has filled the position of postmaster at Scarborough for some time past, tendered his resignation last week and Mr. J. B. Anderson has been appointed to the position.
Johnstone Anderson

Scarborough Cemetery Committee

A committee had been formed to allocate the funds (£70 raised) for works to be carried out. J. B. Anderson was on the committee. "Notwithstanding reports to the contrary it is pointed out that the trustees of the cemetery and the committee who assisted to raise the money are working harmoniously in this movement."
Johnstone Anderson

President, Progress Association

Johnstone Anderson was elected President of the newly-formed Progress Association for Scarborough. The meeting was well attended. Matters on the agenda related to obtaining land for recreational purposes and purchasing a reel and line for the surf beach.
Johnstone Anderson

Park for Scarborough

The Scarborough Progress Association has for a long time past been moving in the direction of securing a recreation ground or park for residents. There are great hopes at present that the efforts will be successful.

On the occasion of the Minister's visit recently, Mr. J. B. Anderson, on behalf of the Association, pointed out the land which was required, and at the same time told Mr. Hoyle that the association was tired of being promised that the matter would receive attention.

Mr Hoyle ultimately gave his assurance that a metropolitan district surveyor would make a report on the subject immediately.

Robert A. Anderson

'Missing Friends' - Brother

N.S.W. Government Gazette - Johnston Anderson, about 45 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, medium build, fair complexion, brown hair and moustache only, blue eyes; a native of Ireland; for many years a licensed 'bus driver in Sydney. Last heard of about nine years ago. Inquiry at the instance of his brother, Robert A. Anderson, No. 2 Police Station, Toronto, Canada.
Johnstone Anderson

Formation of Tennis Club

At a meeting on Monday evening presided over by Mr. J. B. Anderson, it was unanimously decided to form a tennis club at Scarborough ...

Discussion ensued about the location of the court and committee formed with Anderson as President.

Johnstone Anderson

Surf Club

... a public meeting was held to form a surf club, which proved to be one of the most enthusiastic meetings ever held in the town. The club was formed, and is to be known as the Scarborough Surf Club, ...

The following officers were appointed: Mr. J. B. Anderson, president ...

Johnstone Anderson

President, Surfbathing Club

"Now that a Surfbathing Club has been formed at Scarborough, members are anxious to be up and doing. Mr. J. W. Daley has been elected secretary, Mr. J. B. Anderson, president, and Mr. W. A. Sweeney treasurer. All of these are good workers and a prosperous future is predicted for the club."

Discussion ensued on the promised reel and line for the beach and the formation of a working bee to erect two dressing sheds - one for gents and one for ladies.

"A vast amount of enthusiasm is being displayed and it is safe to predict that ere long some of the members will be bidding for their certificates of competency in life-saving work."

Johnstone Anderson

'Indignation' Meeting

The residents of Scarborough were scandalised by a report in a Sydney newspaper that local teachers had stated that the children were untruthful and that the moral code of the school was low.

A public 'indignation' meeting was organised and the matter discussed.

Mr. J. B. Anderson supported the above speakers and spoke very strongly on the subject, moving the following resolution :— 'That we, the residents of Scarborough, do enter an emphatic protest against the slanderous statements printed in 'Truth' newspaper, of November 29th in regard to the general character of Scarborough being described as the 'Hell of the South Coast,' and deem it expedient for the Department of Public instruction to furnish the Clifton Public School with a fresh staff of teachers. Seeing the 'Truth' of November 29th re the moral of tone of the school, and that these resolutions be forwarded to the Attorney General, through Mr. Nicholson, member of the district, for inquiry. That all residents of Scarborough on and after the holidays (Christmas vacation), refuse to send their children to school under the present staff of teachers.'

This resolution was seconded by Mr. J. Baker, and carried unanimously. Resolved by the meeting.— The above motions be forwarded to the Sydney and South Coast papers, also to the Department of Public Instruction.

Johnstone Anderson

Visit of W'gong Life-saving Club

"Members of the Wollongong Life-saving Club, including a sprinkling of lady swimmers, visited Scarborough last week with a view to imparting instruction in lifesaving and resuscitation to the members of the newly-formed Scarborough Surfbathing and Life-saving Club. The visitors were met at the station by Mr J. B. Anderson (president of the local club) and other members, and escorted to the beach. Some excellent work was done by the visiting team, and Scarborough fold were delighted with the exhibition given. ...
Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Meeting held with Mr. J. B. Anderson in the chair.

Discussion centred around securing a railway platform for use of miners travelling from the southern end of the district. To arrange meeting and select a site for the platform and deputation to Railway Commissioners.

Further discussion centred around sending a deputation to Bulli Shire "to explain the wants of the Scarborough ratepayers."

Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Mr. J. B. Anderson, President and in the chair. Discussion about having the local train stop at Scarborough etc.
Johnstone Anderson

Public Meeting

Anderson was appointed Chairman of a public meeting in relation to the establishment of the new platform for the miners at Scarborough R/Stn. The Commissioner had rejected the idea as the distance from the current station wasn't great enough. It was found that the distance cited had been considerably underestimated and it was resolved to send the same delegates again to the Minister for Railways.
Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

The question of establishing a railway platform at South Scarborough. It was decided that a deputation meet the Minister for Railways. Mr. J.B. Anderson was a member of the deputation.
Johnstone Anderson

Benefit Social Event

Benefit social held at Scarborough in aid of Mr. Charles Hunter who was incapacitated in an accident.

Mr. J. B. Anderson, in a neat little speech, thanks Mrs Robertson, the committee, and all those who had assisted to make the social the success it was.

In an article on 13/4/1915, J.B. Anderson, is acknowledged for his donation to the benefit of 4 lbs of butter for the supper that was prepared - others were thanked as well.

Johnstone Anderson

Speech at Social Event

A social event was held for the entertainment of the Scarborough lads who are in camp at Liverpool and would be making their last visit to Scarborough before proceeding to the front. Hasty arrangements had to be made. The toasts honoured were The King, The Allies, The Guests and the Ladies. The Follow the King movement was strictly adhered to (abstaining from alcohol during the war). Messrs. J. B. Anderson ... were the principal speakers, all of whom wished the boys good luck and safe return.
Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Meeting was held with Mr. J. B. Anderson in the chair. Decided to hold a social in aid of the funds of the Progress Association. Two collectors appointed to canvas for donations to the Belgian Fund. To write to the Council in relation to three electric lights being broken making the location dangerous.

(The life saving reel, life line and belt came to hand being donated by the Shire Council and was on view at the local post office.)

Johnstone Anderson

Empire Day Celebrations

Empire Day was celebrated here in a thorough manner. At Clifton Public School patriotic addresses were delivered by prominent citizens. In the evening a Belgian social --- Mr. J. B. Anderson wielded the hammer at the auction sale of gifts which was portion of the programme. He was particularly successful in this line, and, as a result the handsome sum of about forty pounds was realised.
Johnstone Anderson

Celebration of Australia Day

Scarborough - Clifton. Article discusses the tension/jealousy between the two centres but they were making a united effort to make Australia Day a day to remember. A public meeting was held for Scarborough and Clifton together. Mr. J. B. Anderson occupied the chair. Type of celebrations discussed and it was to be a supper, auction sales and Anderson and others were appointed a sub-committee to arrange details. "... a record result is confidently being looked forward to."
Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Mr. J. B. Anderson, President and in the chair. Bulli Shire Council "requesting the co-operation of the Association with a view to putting a stop to the practice of smashing electric bulbs indulged in by some miscreants."

The Progress Association would endeavour to protect the Council's property. The President was asked to notify the police and that every endeavour would be used to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Discussion on drawing the Council's attention to the deplorable condition of the top end of Goodridge Street, it being nearly impassable.

Discussion on the formation of a local fire brigade which was adjourned allowing the President to procure the necessary information re forming same.

Johnstone Anderson

Australia Day Fund

A Euchre party was held in connection with the Clifton-Scarborough Australia Day Fund. There was a good attendance and much interest displayed in the tournament. J. B. Anderson along with others worked hard to assist the ladies in this effort ...
Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Mr. J. B. Anderson, President and in the chair. Discussion on writing to the Railway Commissioners asking not to have any alteration made in the ticket office at Clifton R/Stn as the existing conditions as planned by the Commissioner's Officials suited the largest portion of the residents.
Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Johnstone Anderson sitting as President for the Scarborough Progress Association meeting. Discussion in relation to having the local shire improve and extend the electric light in Goodridge Street as the rate-payers contend that they were already being charged for it.
Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Mr. J. B. Anderson, president of the Scarborough Progress Association. Discussion about the allotment of the Australia Day Fund. Association members believed that the funds raised were to go towards returned soldiers and sailors and not for the Red Cross. ... allotment of the Australia Day Funds to the Red Cross is a thing likely to produce a sense of regret and disappointment in the minds of the public.
Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Fortnightly Progress Association Meeting - J.B. Anderson -President - Chairman.

Matters discussed included obtaining fire fighting equipment - Clifton Progress Association and the Bulli Shire were being difficult.

Also discussed was the matter of local lads enlisting that each one should be given a public send-off and a gift of a sheepskin vest. Anderson was elected secretary of the organising committee formed for that purpose.

Johnstone Anderson

Social Evening

Mr. J. B. Anderson, on behalf of the Local Soldiers Entertainment Committee and local residents, made the presentations during the social event to soldiers who were on their final leave prior to departure overseas. In his remarks he referred to the number of men who had answered their country's call from Scarborough, and spoke in glowing terms of the three men who were present on final leave.
Johnstone Anderson

Convent School Concert

"The concert given by the pupils of the Clifton Convent School on Friday evening last was largely attended, and the children acquitted themselves in a manner which reflected credit on the Sisters.

Mr. J. B. Anderson occupied the chair."

(Anderson was a protestant.)

Johnstone Anderson

Progress Association

Mr. S Shepherd being in the chair in the absence of the President (***Mr. McGhee***).

The three candidates for Council honours for 'A' Riding included J. B. Anderson - from this end of the riding and were present. It was decided to support their candidature. Delegates from the Scarborough voluntary fire brigade were in attendance and there was discussion about money owed to Council on the reel still.

Johnstone Anderson

St Patrick's Night Social

Messrs. J. B. Anderson and Mullens were the promoters and a large company put in an appearance.
Johnstone Anderson

Social Evening

A social evening arranged for the departure of Mrs. R. Smith from the local Scarborough area.

Johnstone Anderson made the presentation of gifts.

In a separate article: "... Mrs Smith was the recipient of a handsome clock, a silver cruet, and other useful cutlery. Mr. J. B. Anderson made the presentation on behalf of the subscribers and he referred in complimentary terms to the many sterling qualities of the recipient.

Johnstone Anderson

Welcome Home Social

Welcome home social event for two returning soldiers. On behalf of the Scarborough residents, Mr. J. B. Anderson, presented each with a gold signet ring. ...
Johnstone Anderson

Soldier Send-off

Private Chester, about to proceed to the firing line was entertained by a large number of Coledale and Scarborough friends and presented with a pocket wallet and a purse containing a substantial amount of pocket money.

Mr. J. B. Anderson and others also referred to the recipient's many good qualities, and expressed the hope that he would return safe and sound to these shores. ...

Johnstone Anderson

Local Licensee Send Off

A large company of friends entertained Mr. George Williams, late licensee of the Imperial Hotel. ... Mr. J. B. Anderson, on behalf of the subscribers, presented the guest with a gold pendant, suitably inscribed, amidst prolonged applause.
Johnstone Anderson

D. McGhee

Illawarra Cottage Hospital

A meeting of the management committee, Illawarra Cottage Hospital. Messrs. D. McGhee (president) ... J. B. Anderson. Unanimously decided to purchase a fumigating plant for the institution.

A letter was received from the Scarborough branch of the Health Defence Committee, asking for the assistance of the head nurse at the hospital to act as matron in temporary hospital in the event of pneumonic influenza taking a hold in the district. It was decided that the request be complied with.

Johnstone Anderson

Illawarra Cottage Hospital

Committee of the hospital requesting gifts of books and donations could be left at local post offices including with Mr. Anderson, Postmaster, Scarborough.
Johnstone Anderson

Flu Epidemic

Very large number of miners were sick with the flu which was having an effect on output of the mines. One household in three has had a 'visitation'of the flu. Reports come in daily of families who have suffered untold pain, while it is well-known that a few deaths have occurred through lack of nursing, or of someone to supply the patients with suitable food.

Dr Fetherston, the resident medical officer, has been confined to his room for upwards of a week, and while the doctors from Bulli have done all in their power to cope with the outbreak, the strain upon them all has been too great.

The nurses have done wonders, many having worked beyond the limits of human strength, and the hospital accommodation has been taxed to the utmost.

On Monday last the position was so serious that Messrs. J. B. Anderson and S. Sheppard, of Scarborough, rang up Mr. Davies, M.L.A. who immediately arranged to accommodate them on a deputation to the Minister for Health in order to endeavour to secure some medical assistance, and also some nurses, if available. ... The outcome of the negotiations was that the same evening two nurses accompanied Mr. Sheppard back to Scarborough and a young physician arrived with Mr. Anderson on a later train. ...
Johnstone Anderson

Charge of Embezzlement

CHARGE OF EMBEZZLEMENT. J. B. Anderson, postmaster at Scarborough, was arrested on Wednesday on a charge of misappropriating money, the property of the Postmaster-General. He was brought before the Scarborough Court and remanded for a week. Bail was allowed. The amount involved is stated to be £328.
Johnstone Anderson

Bail and Sureties

Johnstone appeared before the police court the previous week.

Mr Chapman and Mr Clancy went sureties while he is on bail.

Johnstone Anderson

Influenza Committee

The local influenza committee held a meeting last week. Applications were received from families in distress.


Sadly, this article appeared directly above the article where Anderson was committed for trial for fraudulent conversion of Commonwealth monies.

Johnstone Anderson

Scarborough Court

Johnstone Bryson Anderson (51) late postmaster at Scarborough was brought up on a charge that he, being an accounting officer ... on or about the 5th July 1919, make use of ... public monies, to wit, the sum of £345, 6.1½d, which came into his possession or control. The accused who was undefended asked no questions. He was committed for trial at Wollongong. Bail was Allowed - self in £350 and two sureties of £175 each.
Johnstone Anderson


POSTMASTER IN TROUBLE --- CASE AT SCARBOROUGH --- SYDNEY --- At the Scarborough Police Court yesterday, Johnstone Anderson, late postmaster at that place, was committed for trial on a charge of misappropriating public moneys, amounting to £345.
Johnstone Anderson

Wollongong Quarter Sessions

Pleaded guilty and was remanded for sentence.
Johnstone Anderson

Report of Trial

Johnson Bryson Anderson, late postmaster at Scarborough; pleaded guilty to appropriating to his own use the sum of £345 6s 1d, the property of the postal authorities.

Mr. Lysaght for accused.

Sergt. Connor, in reply to Mr Lysaght, deposed he had known Anderson in Scarborough for 14 years. Anderson in 1907 assisted witness to arrest three men; in 1908 some men were behaving, violently, Anderson was the only man out of 100 who came to witness' assistance. His reputation had always been good. During the recent epidemic he had done a lot of service, even to scrubbing out houses; there was no doctor. Anderson did all a man could do, he was himself ill. Believed that since this charge had been laid, money to Anderson's credit had been discovered.

His Honor said that was evidence which could only be given by the postal Inspector.

Mr. Lysaght was proceeding when his Honor said that the item which impressed him most was the item of a remittance of £220; that threw a reflection upon the Railway servants.

Mr. Lysaght said that occurred, when Anderson was practically demented with influenza. Anderson had now gone on the deviation work at 11/2 a day ; a sum of £20, which his wife had made by keeping boarders was taken by the Crown.

His Honor said if that was his position, it was ridiculous to say he was prepared to make restitution.

Mr. Lysaght claimed that the offer was an evidence of good intention.

Mr. Lysaght pressed a claim to mercy on the ground of high character and services.

His Honor agreed it was deplorable to see a man of prisoner's character before a court. But any man who entered the Government service in a position of trust and committed a breach, must know from the very start what is involved. The life of the community could not be carried on if the officials of the Government were permitted by any leniency to imagine that they could defraud or rob the public with impunity. Personally he always took a very serious view of any frauds on the public; there might be extenuating circumstances, but he could see none as a rule, where the depredation was one affecting the public. He had always been in the habit of imposing very severe sentences in such cases; however, what Mr. Lysaght had elicited had effected him very much; that a man of Anderson's character should have committed this offence seemed to indicate that the illness he was suffering from, and which was very prevalent had really affected him and might account for what he did. But, on the other hand, the sentence he was going to pass was not meant as a punishment for Anderson; it was meant as a deterrent to all persons in the public service. After hearing Mr. Lysaght, he would pass just half the sentence, he had intended. — Sentenced to imprisonment in Goulburn jail for 12 months.

The Crown Prosecutor asked that an order be made for the confiscation of the £20 found on Anderson. Mr. Lysaght objected that this money was the wife's and without she would have nothing. His Honor refused to make an order. The deficiency was stated to amount to £370.

Ages when Johnstone Anderson was Incarcerated.
Johnstone Anderson - 52

Rosetta Anderson - 48

Wilhelmina McGhee - 40

Leah - 28

Mary E. - 27

Gladys - 24

Florence - 20

Florence Anderson

Rosetta Anderson

Marriage of Florence

Marriage of Florence (21 years, born 1899 - in Scarborough) a Lithopress Feeder to Arthur Frost Wright (26 years) born Granville, a Lithographer Artist. Both were living in Leichhardt at the time.

The marriage took place at All Souls' Church, Leichhardt and was witnessed by Rosetta Anderson.

Johnstone Anderson should have served his time by this stage and have been free from incarceration.

Johnstone Anderson

Wilhelmina Anderson

Electoral Roll

Commonwealth Electoral Roll for 1930 - Division of Werriwa, State District of Bulli, Subdivision of Thirroul.

Johnstone and Wilhelmina Anderson were residing at South Coast Road, Scarborough. He was a labourer and she engaged in home duties.

Johnstone Anderson

Wilhelmina McGhee


Johnstone (54) Widower and Wilhelmina (44) Spinster were married at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Phillip Street, Sydney. Witnesses were C. and W. W. Christie.

It's likely that the locals of Scarborough/Clifton were unaware that Johnstone and Wilhelmina were not married previously and they had to 'sneak' off to Sydney to get married once they were free to do so.

One of the witnesses at the wedding would appear to be Mr. W. Christie and the Sydney Morning Herald of 6/3/1939) has an obituary for him stating that he was for 35 years church officer at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Macquarie Street. He served under the Rev. John Ferguson who was the officiating minister for the Anderson marriage. (The church in Macquarie Street replaced the one in Phillip Street in 1935.)

Johnstone Anderson

Health Concerns

"The health of Mr. J. B. Anderson is causing his friends some anxiety. He has been confined to his bed for a fortnight or so, following an attack of haemorrhage, but it is hoped he has a speedy recovery.
Johnstone Anderson

Death Notice

Death notice in the Labor Daily on 12/9/1935 of Johnstone Bryson Anderson, at Illawarra Cottage Hospital, Coledale. Beloved husband of Wilhelmina, aged 67 years.
Wilhelmina McGhee

Funeral for J.B. Anderson

Funeral Announcement: Friends and relatives of Mrs. Wilhelmina Anderson are invited to attend the funeral of her late beloved husband .
Johnstone Anderson


Probate Jurisdiction - Supreme Court of N.S.W. for the estate of Johnstone Bryson Anderson, late of Scarborough, N.S.W. Labourer, who died 11th September, 1935. (The Will was dated 21st March, 1935.)

(Probate was granted - the estate was valued at £175.)

Wilhelmina McGhee

Death Notice

Death notice of Wilhelmina Anderson, relict of the late Mr. James Anderson of Main Road, Scarborough, died at the Coledale Hospital last Saturday, aged 66. Buried at Scarborough.
Wihelmina McGhee


Mrs. W. Anderson

Mrs. Wilhelmina Anderson, who died in the Illawarra Cottage Hospital, Coledale, on Saturday, was born in Ireland 66 years ago, and came to Australia as a young girl. Her husband, Mr. James Anderson, predeceased her. There were no children.

Wilhelmina McGhee


N.S.W. Government Gazette - election to administer will/estate for Wilhelmina McGhee filed by the Public Trustee.

Probate Notices on 26/5/1944 - will dated 10/1/1944.

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